Sunday, May 4, 2014

8 months time...

I can't believe it has been 8 months since I have blogged last. It is amazing to go back and think of all the things that have gone on in my family life in the last 8 months. So in church today the relief society lesson was titled Remember. There were several things talked about but two points that stood out to me were: remember perspective, and remember our lives (write a journal). Remember to see situations from a bigger perspective. It is so easy to let trials get us down but to remember the bigger picture, I believe could help us stay strong and motivated. It is important sometimes to see things from another persons perceptive, I think this will allow us to learn and grow. Now to remember the trials and the good times we have gone through in our lives. This allows us to look back and see how we have grown or to simply see that there has been times in our lives to be grateful for. This is a good was to see our many blessings. Sometimes it is easy to forget the good things in our lives when we may be going through a more challenging time. Writing in a journal or blogger will allow us to remember that the hard times weren't always hard. I pondered on these topics a lot today and this is why I am going to try really hard to start blogging again. So there has been so many things that have gone on in my life that I would like to post about. I am going to try my hardest for myself to post them all.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cohen's almost 4...

Cohen's birthday is in 4 weeks. He started Preschool at Preschool Musical last week. He loved it. He had such a fun first day and told me all about it. He told me they learned about the American flag and made one out of paper. They sang the song The Grand Ol Flag. He ate a cupcake. He played with friends. He got a cool ninja turtle ring for the surprise box, he got for being so good. Anyway every day I pick him up from school he is so happy and excited to show me what he learned and to tell me about his day. I am so happy he likes school, I had the hardest time making the decision on which school would be best for him, I lost a lot of money on deposits because I kept changing my mind. Every day he has come home and sang the songs he learned at school, reassures me I made the right decision.

Kaia at 8 months..

I have been meaning to write some posts, but being a mother to two young children takes up so much time. Anyway Kaia made her first strides of crawling one day before she turned 8 months. One week later she was crawling everywhere and doing it really good. Yesterday was the first day that she figured out exactly how to pull herself to standing. Now she can do easier and all the time. She waves at people too. She also is working on four teeth. It is crazy how fast she has changed! She is the most loving, sweetest, happy baby I know.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Capitol Reef and The Grand Stair Case...

Matt had spring break this past week and we decided last minute to take a short inexpensive vacation. So I planned us a trip to Capitol Reef. We just stayed at the Days inn in Torrey, UT just 10 min out of the national park. The first day we got there we rested in our room then we went on a short hike on the Grand Wash trail. We probably made it a mile and half round trip because Cohen was more excited about exploring everything. We didn't see much that hike, but it was what it was, Cohen just was trying to figure out his boundaries the whole hike. That night we are dinner at a place called The Patio. It was okay, the service was interesting(not that great). Saturday we drove an hour and a half south to the Grand Stair Case in Escalante National Forest. It was an unbelievable site driving at the top. We hiked 3 miles to Lower Calf Creek Falls, well I will just say it was not the easiest, especially since Matt was holding Cohen most of the time in a carrier on his back and I was holding Kaia in a carrier on my front. The hike was cool though, and the destination was amazing! The 3 mile hike back we hiked out way faster, since both kids were asleep. After hiking we drove 20 min to Boulder, UT where we are at Hell's backbone grill. It a was a fine dinning place. The good was good but I think a little over prices. In the middle of dinner Matt left to the restroom, Cohen got up and went outside on the patio. I figured since no one was out there he would be fine and Matt could get him. Well Matt came back and went out there to get Cohen and he found Cohen with his pants down to his ankles and about ready to pee off the deck. Funniest part the patio was on the front part of the restaurant with windows all around so everyone  eating inside could see him, and yes they were all watching and laughing. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and went swimming. It was such an enjoyable day just very tiring. Sunday we had a relaxing morning went back to Capital Reef to take pictures of some of the famous sites. After we drove into Torrey and ate lunch at Slackers. It was on the top 10 list of best drive-ins in Utah. Their Slacker special chicken sandwich was the bomb. Then we drove home, this short inexpensive vacation was very fun and the best way to have spent Matt's spring break.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rolling over...

Today I was spending time with Kaia, and I put her on her belly for tummy time and within 5 min she rolled over onto her back. She is growing too fast!